If my Blogspot and I were in a relationship, I'm pretty sure Blogspot would be so furious and have already broken up with me. You see, I've been cheating on Blogspot for a couple of days now. I recently found a new love, his name is Tumblr. Although I have no followers there (yet haha), I love how the page looks so... ummm... immaculately clean.

And so I turned to Tumblr for this #100HappyDays project. But I promise you, Blogspot, I'll make more time with you. I still have to write a post on my second COL purchase.

So anyway. What is this #100HappyDays project that left Blogspot brokenhearted? If you want a challenge to be happy for 100 days in a row, this is worth a try.

First, you have to register at this website then choose which social media you'll be using for this project. You may share a photo of what made you happy during the day and share it via your social media of choice, with the hashtag #100happydays. Some of my friends have chosen Instagram, but I opted for Tumblr because I want it to have a journal-like feel- just so I have something to look (or read) back to.

The project has so far released some of my negative emotions and helped me to enjoy each day :)
Let me know if you've started on this project too.

You may want to follow me on Tumblr? Haha shameless plugging.


Aleigna Lin said...

I followed you on Tumblr! Haha! :)) Yay #100HappyDays! :)

Also, I am quite disappointed that they didn't include Blogger to the options where we can post our #100HappyDays entries. Mas active pa naman yung Blogger ko kesa sa Tumblr. Hihi.

I miss you, Jack! :) LR19 reunion soon (sana)!

Jacqueline Uy said...

Awwww. Ale!!!! I miss you too! Pa-hug naman diyan. I still read your Blogspot! As in every time you'll see Taipei in your Google Analytics, malamang ako yun hehe :) Sige sana makauwi ulit ako second half of this year kasi usually 5 days lang vacay ko super bitin. Thank you for following me on Tumblr! May 2 followers na ko, kayo ni Kizia hahaha :) Take care always! Love and kisses to B :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

This is a great idea! I'll start one in Tumblr this weekend, and follow you too. :-)