End of Term Post

It's odd writing an entry, typing it rather, in a cellphone on a half empty theater, waiting for Enchanted in the big screen. Another me-moment I never had for a couple of months. Well guess what, the term is finally over and it was once again a "thank-God-for-friends-kind-of-term". It was mentally draining, emotionally baffling, physically exhausting.

Stories were told in screenplays, artsy fartsy stuff done in segments, drama in litelec, craft of journalism in jornpra and real lives in thscam1. I know, I know, I wouldn't have survived this term without a whole lot of people and now I'd like to take the chance to thank them all!

My uber uber friends (do I need to mention you guys?) who are always there rain or shine, my uber ebay mates and segment peeps (let's rejoice it's all over, i think we all deserve a 4.0, haha ring a bell?) my uber aunt who continuously pamper me and take me shopping when desperate times call for it, manang who cooks good dinner when mum's not around and when i arrive home in the evening from that cursed editing bay, mang norman and mang ed (i know my charm never fails me when it comes to borrowing equipments), pinky my lappy who did not die on me when i burned 5 dvds on her- poor pinky, my folks who always give utmost care and concern each time i go home late because of jornpra, and my God Who knows how hard everything is and how hard i work for them. We will receive all the fruits, come tuesday! (Kahit kabado pa rin sa Thscam1)

Whew, that's from an eight-page text message saved in my draft. So anyhooo, I enjoyed Enchanted, I mean, who didn't? True love's kiss. So cheesy, pero napaisip ako when will mine come, or will it ever come? So much with love love and love.

I also had my eye checked this afternoon. I should have done this few weeks or even a month ago, but I cannot find time. Hence, my doctor ended up giving me a looooooooooong sermon. First, my eye prescription went up. Again. From 425 to 475. It actually has a pattern. Every 6 months, my grade goes up by 50. She also said that I should stop reading or read less because my left eye according to doctora "parang gusto niyang magka-astigmatism". Lord, mas mahal ang contacts ng may astigmatism so please huwag muna. I still have books lined up that I want to finish by new year. So that's lecture 1.

Second, she found out that I've been extending my use of contacts. Supposedly, a pair should only last for a maximum of two months, but with me, since I have no time, I usually extend it to three months. She lectured me on protein build up yada yada. I shouldn't abuse my eyes by using contacts too long blah blah.

Third, use eyeglasses more often. Oo na joy, if you're reading, tama ka, tama ka. When contacts are used too long, it can cause a tear in your eyes daw so it's always better to use eyeglasses. So there, matapos akong pagalitan she gave me a set of contacts good for a year, with dates written all over the box to remind me that I need to change it on those days. And because my mom's in such a good mood, she agreed to buy me new pair of glasses. Doctora is also mabait, she gave me a Christmas present hehe.

Ang gastos talaga ng buhay. Wala pang Christmas shopping sa lagay na 'yan. Tomorrow is dentist day, Sunday shopping day, Monday fun day with uber friends(di pala tayo naka pag pictorial sa amphi with the Christmas lights and all). Wala, butas din ang bulsa! We'll go home Tuesday night. I miss hooooooome. I miss fresh air, fresh foods, fresh everything! I miss cold December nights in the province, where the only best thing to do is just cuddle up under the covers, read a book and listen to good music. Yawn. Love it.

Happy vacay everyone! Good luck on Tuesday!

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