Things We Do for Love

Everything's falling into the right place, right time, as of three in the afternoon. I'm rummaging through a stack of papers in my study desk when I suddenly remembered that something is to be done. Poof!!! The sript for the litcircle's event tomorrow.

Kembell Lentejas, if you were not my friend and my classmate since first grade, I will not do the favor you are asking from me. I cannot write a script in a day's time! but I did it out of love. And I don't speak that well before a huge crowd! but I will do it, again, out of love. (Mahal talent fee ha. Christian Go, kailan ang bayaran? Joke lang.)

Before I started keying-in words and sentences in straight Filipino, I opened my e-mail and received an e-owl from the sorting hat! It has sorted me in Gryffindor house! I'm so happy but the smile instantaneously vanished when I opened another e-owl from a muggle professor, ms. bacalla (it's 3:15). We have to photocopy a 30-page reading for the jornpra discussion tomorrow. Very well. Very well indeed. 30 pages, for tomorrow. Ahh. Are these the things professors do out of love?

On a lighter note, the first four days of the week was okay. Monday was recitation day for Litelec (that up until now I cannot comprehend the connection of Oedipus and the building of a city state) Tuesday, the big UAAP game, and ariane's christening unto the LRT2 world! Wednesday, a big day for cam thesis people! Orientation led by Dr. Diaz (see picture-- c/o Henrik B., and surprise surprise, thscam1=introre days). Thursday, fun activity in Wrifilm, exchanging of "triggers" (one liner that starts a story) and writing a 50-word story about it.

My "trigger" came from Majet. She wrote, "Habang nagpapalipas oras, napatingin ako sa langit at natulala sa aking nakita."

I continued,
"Habang nagpapalipas oras, napatingin ako sa langit at natulala sa aking nakita. Naalala ko ang kababata kong si Carla, at ang masasayang araw nang aming paglalaro bago siya pumuntang Amerika. Noo'y sabay namin itong nakita. Pero sana ngayon'y nakikita rin ito ni Carla. Ang bahag-haring simbolo ng pagkakaibigang kay ganda."

...Oh I also had a scrumptious dinner date with my fab aunt last night. We had a greasy peking duck wrapped in soft taco, glazed with hoisin sauce. Yum, forget the cholesterol. And haagen dazs after, summer berries and strawberry cheesecake ice cream. Double yum, forget the glucose. Slept with a heavy and bulging tummy.

Hay time flies too fast. Any spell to stop time? Stupefy?!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed. God save me from the 30-page reading and the (never ending) recitation for Litelec tomorrow. I know He will do it out of love too. :)

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