Litelec and Sir Doy's Classes!

I know this is gonna happen. My Litelec class has a different "subject", but we still have the same professor as printed on our EAFs- Ms. Jacob. Yun nga lang, hindi na South East Asian Drama- it's- drumroll---- DRAMA AND POLITICS. Sabi pa nga ni Ms. Jacob "South East Asian Drama? I never heard of that elective course in Lit." Thank you very much.

After my Litelec class, and after having my "much awaited" 4-hour break, it's time for Society class under Sir Doy! Ang saya saya ng class. Siyempre, Sir Doy yata. Funny thing was that he's conivincing us to transfer to the TH society class under Ms. Sibayan. Josko suicide ba itoh? Nagbubulungan na lang kami na kawawa na ang GPA namin hehe. Full packed na kasi ang 2 society classes ni sir. Walang naconvice kaya nagpadasal si Sir kay Henrik. At wala pa rin. Nagmakaawa siya, he promised that whoever volunteers to transfer, will be his friend forever. Hehe, wala pa rin. We had a lengthy discussions, alongside Sir Doy's cute jokes. He also advised us what to do for our thesis. Step one raw, "look inside you", ask yourself what excites you, and then "form the idea". Sana tama yung iniisip naming concept nila Ariane and Kaymee. It excites us naman.

I have two classes pala under Sir Doy. Society class, and the one I had earlier, WRIFILM (Writing for film). Sir Doy was afraid Wrifilm might become a JOKE class, kasi we were all joking around before we formally started the class. Pero nung nag settle down na lahat, first exercise agad! Make a 50-word story. Windang. We have to start with the first sentence that Sir wrote on the board. Counted ang words sa sentence niya. We can write in English or in Filipino.

The first sentence that Sir Doy gave:

Filipino: Hindi ko alam kung naiwan niya o iniwan ang sulat sa mesa. (12 words na agad)

English: I don't know if she forgot or if she intentionally left the letter on the table. (16 words!)

Natagalan kaming lahat mag-isip. I was just staring blankly on the piece of paper for three or more minutes until I came up with a story. At ito siya,

Hindi ko alam kung naiwan niya o iniwan ang sulat sa mesa. Hindi ko rin alam na ito pala ang huli niyang alaala. Ganoon talaga si Rosario. Tahimik, misteryosa, mahilig mapag-isa. Pero minahal ko siya. Ngayon, sana ay masaya siya sa kalayuan ng kumbento. Mahal ko siya, pero paalam na.

Heehee paki word count nalang. We were able to do the 50-word story. We read it one by one, reacted, suggested improvements etc. Hay kung lahat ng class ganito eh di ang saya saya na ng mundo.

I still have two new profs to meet! My Segment Prof (Segment Production), and Jornpra (Professional Practice for Journalism)! Thscam1 orientation pa pala.

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