When I cant think of something sensible

Wrote this at around 1.30 last night...

I cant put myself to sleep. I reckon this is because of my 5-hour power nap earlier. Or maybe, too much thoughts rummaging my head. No, I'm actually dreaming. Again and again I find myself drowning in a sea of lifeless dreams, with no one, nothing, to anchor me.

Dreaming is one of the things I love to do, followed by imagining. Both I think are synonymous. Today, and I think these past few days, I've been just dreaming of going to places-- conquering the world is my favorite way of putting it. 'Wow,' my ego echoed to my ear. I'm dreaming way past a thesis to be done, or even a project proposal to be written.

In any way that I may have singled them out, at least I have had a great time seeing myself this time, in New York (the other day, in Africa-- me, doing some charity work with the natives hehe how imaginative of me). I saw me, the eccentric me, in an unfamiliar label of trench coat and in a hot pink pair of Jimmy Choo stilletoes, crossing the streets of Manhattan.

According to the dream, Im carrying several shopping bags on both my arms. Im heading back to my pad, such a cosmopolitan-ish one. The moment I entered my pad, I brushed the shopping bags away, removed my Jimmy Choos and slumped into a lemon-colored love seat, and almost instantaneously, I fell asleep. Tired from work, I suppose.

Heck, I typed the word "work"? Oh, so back to reality. A far-flung dream at this very moment. Thank goodness I always have the chance to dream. Now Im ready to sleep. With my journal and my pillow, to anchor me back to reality.

Good night...

*** no time to write sensible things... preoccupied with majors, again, freakin' majors. ***

*** im back ***

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