a long day

So I sat here, promising to make use of my time wisely. Well, I did. As a matter of fact, I already burned my infommercial video. Mom wont still buy me a DVD Writer. Thanks to Ate Melai and Dhi, I can edit and burn my videos at my own pace.

And so I sat here, waiting for my sleeping pattern to be on the right track. These days, I've been sleeping at three in the morning, when I can think of nothing else to do but to edit and edit and edit videos. This has been a very long day. We had our concept consultation early this morning with Ms. Mel, and it was very enriching. She has this knack in coming up with these out of this world ideas! Really good. Acted as Dhi's talent in the tv studio, Worked up our concept-proposal-making schedules, co-facied for lasare2 make up class. And I almost forgot, I have to make a synopsis for vidprod finals. Really, everything's wearing me out. Vitamic C please. I cant complain. Not now. Not ever.

And so I sat here, keying words that come right off my head. Do you know Barbara Gonzales? Oh I just love her. Saturdays arent complete without me reading her column. It's always light and easy to read. She talks and writes in the first person (because according to her, it makes the readers connect to her) and she writes about her life, her "love life", her mother. I can imagine her life, so peaceful. It seems so simple. Uncomplicated. How I wish one day, I'd wake up and live such a life. It may be solitary, but at least I'd find solace in my own world.

And so I sat here, trying to be awake, when the truth is, I'm really feeling sleepy. Tomorrow, when I go to mass, I promise to release everything and let the eucharist enter my heart. Tomorrow will be another day again.

And so, goodbye!

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