egay, prolonging the agony

written last night pero since walang internet connection ngayon ko lang ipopost!

These are the days when you wish that the rain would finally stop pouring. These are the days when you wish to get over all the things you need to do. These are the days when you wish that everything's finally over and all you're longing for is a well deserved vacation. It seems like I'm taking a break for God knows when. I've been sleeping and eating since classes were suspended. However, I have always been hoping to be in the mood to write my concept final project proposal. So Lord please help me be in the mood.

This helps though. Writing an entry for no reason at all. I'm still left with a gazillion things to do. But I'm pretty sure they won't stop me from sleeping and filling my stomach with all junk foods our cupboard has. Let me see.

1. Concept Final Project Proposal with powerpoint and trailer
2. Genders Phenomenology (Never thought a word like this exists)
3. Vidprod Final Project plus Pre production book
4. Perform Editing Final Video
5. Post the top-bottom photo essay. Havent took a worm's eye view of my subject so please stop raining.

There you go. Better start step by step, baby steps. I appreciate more my works if done with baby steps. Just like my auteur review. Hayyy life. Konting araw nalang pero hell day pa rin! Makisabay pa ang weather. Keber talaga.

written today. hay nako, keber kung keber ang bagyo. tuloy devastated ang DLSU First Term Schedule. Kumusta naman? Nag email si kuya voc thru dlsu announce! Hay talagang they are prolonging the agony. cry cry cry.

From the Office of the Chancellor
De La Salle University - Manila

In view of the lost class days brought about by Typhoon Egay, please
be informed of the revised academic calendar for Term 1, SY 2007-08,
as follows:

21 Aug (Tue)-Regular class day (to follow a Monday schedule)
22 Aug (Wed)-Regular class day (to follow a Wednesday schedule)
23 Aug (Thu)-Regular class day (to follow a Thursday schedule)
24 Aug (Fri)-Regular class day (to follow a Friday schedule)

27 Aug (Mon)-Holiday (No classes)
28 Aug (Tue)-Final Exam Week (Day 1)
29 Aug (Wed)-Final Exam Week (Day 2)
30 Aug (Thu)-Final Exam Week (Day 3)
31 Aug (Fri)-Final Exam Week (Day 4)
01 Sept(Sat)-Final Exam Week (Day 5)

04 Sept(Tue)-Course Card Distribution Day (Undergraduate and Graduate)

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