same old brand new

date: may 23

First school day, first school term year 2007-2008. Entered my first class, Genders, before lunch time. I was so nervous because I only know two persons in the class and we're not that close. I'm surprised that Ms. Jeane was going to be our prof, I thought she's only teaching Religion. Ms. Jeane was our facilitator when we had our Saliksik Retreat 2 years ago. I think it will be super fun and exciting. We will be learning more of feminism, sexuality, sexual identity among others.

Second and last class of the day was Television Production class. Super missed Sir Doy del Mundo. We really enjoyed using all the fancy gadgets and technical stuff at the television studio! Won't spoil other information because our class was the first to have the taste of the sweet studio!

Tomorrow will be a hellish day... See my sched below. *rolls eyes*

Concept--- Kuya Peter said thesis will be discussed here. *cringe*

Bye for now. :)

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