date: May 22

I haven't updated my blog! Hehe. Too lazy and too exhausted to even think and write for something that is note-worthy. Random words in bullet form.

* LPEP was way too tiring. Day 1 with GMG, Day 2 with LSPO.

* PA job, I sometimes feel oh-so useless.

* Series of training with LSPO was super fun.

* I will miss kuya aldrin.

* Everyday lunch comprised of rice + ulam + dessert + C2 or H20.

* Sugar level 'upped' because of C2!

* Went gaga over monica when we had our 'bonding' moments :) gahhd i miss my f. i wonder why i can't seem to contact monnette.

* I will always and forever love cyma.

* Team building at Lipa last Saturday and Sunday. Though last year was more fun, i still had a blast.

* Directing is fun, you don't get to act. Rather, you instruct them what to do.

* Following instructions and asking MORE questions are hella right thing to do.

* Went to RP yesterday. Bought some school stuff and drooled over pancake house's spaghetti.

* I totally need some psychological and emotional pick me upper.

* I don't know, I think I'm crazy. I want something but after awhile I don't want it anymore.

* Pasukan na bukas! And I'm still in my summer beachy-bitchy mode, and my skin hasn't cleared up :( Poor me. That's the effect of soaking too much in water under the scorching heat of the sun.

* I'm still trying to memorize my schedule for this term. And am trying to figure out what time would I attend to my residency hour for gmg and lspo.

* I hope vidprod won't kill me and make me look like a stressed-old-oily-biatch-slash-monster-with-pinkcheeks-thanks-to-bodyshop's lip and cheek tint- kind of thing just what fotocam did to me.

* Genders. Aww. No mr. lim please.

* Histciv. Go go go with mr.bascara.

* Let me see if I get my sched ryt

1030-1130 Genders
1250-350 Vidprod

940-1110 Concept
1120-1250 Histciv

1030-1130 Genders
230-530 Telepro

940-1110 Concept
1120-1250 Histciv
100-400 Perform

1030-1130 Genders

* Mother saw my sched. Mukhang papayat nanaman yata ako because I got no lunch break for Thursday daw. Aww concerned si madir.

* Major subjects- Vidprod, Concept, Perform, Telepro

* Minor subjects- Histciv, Genders

* Good luck.

* One more year Lord. One more year. Help me. Help me.

* My mouse is killing me. It double clicks all the time.

* Pray for a good first day high!

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