For the love of meatballs

Okay. Aside from the awful peeling of my skin due to sun burn, im having a pretty bad headache and cramps. So to ease the pain, I just want to rant.

I was mumbling about the advantages of internet earlier to our tindera. As if she care about the things I said. Haha. Nonetheless, I still have a lot of reasons to praise the internet geek-- err, what's his name again? Sir Mariano mentioned it during one of our Prinpro Class-- Thank goodness internet was really invented. At least, I have a reason to smile despite the hot and toasty air here in Cagayan. I have the Friendster account which still amazes me on how people all over the world can be "friends" hehe. Reading profiles can be the most blah thing to do, but I guess it helps you get to know a person more. And oh, with multiply account, the joy and convenient way of shopping has constantly fascinated me. Like this morning, seeing newly uploaded mineral make-ups from razi & some friend's multiply just made my day. New stuff to try on, new colors and techniques to experiment!

Nyay, being home alone is terribly sad. An entire day is spent talking to myself, if not having nonsensical conversations with our kasambahays. Yet again, dad left me for his long awaited trip to Manila. For sure at this time, while typing away in this dang keyboard, he's having a great time doing his self acclaimed oh-so perfect breast strokes in the cool waters of ymca.

Yesterday was indeed a busy day here in our store. Albeit the fact that everyone's coming in to buy several concrete materials, I still had the time to edit this long-time blog of mine and create an entry. It just makes me happy, being able to write once again, with thoughts freely tossing and pouring in my mind, and just having the lax of time putting them into words!

Right now I'm craving for a kiddie spaghetti. I just had meatballs this lunch, and I cant wait to twirl spaghetti and stuck a meatball in my fork this merienda time. The sweet spaghetti sauce, like the ones we had during our kiddie 7 year old-parties yum yum. It makes me feel like a kid all over again. Let me add Hizon's mocha cake to my craving. OMG.

I have to stop typing but I cant. My fingers are so enjoying this new laptop... Anyhoo, back to work. Back to browsing multiply accounts! Haha ;)

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