Disheartened but happy!

First and foremost, Happy happy birthday Jonathan Jeffrey Cuyegkeng! Shemay! Ang tanda (*echoes* tanda... tanda... tanda... tanda...) mo na! Ano sabi mo? Mukha ka pa ring 18? Asa ka! Haha.

Jana, Belated happy birthday! Saka na ang gift.

Ariane! Advance Happy Birthday! Hehe

Hay. I hate this day. It started well, heaving eaten a hearty breakfast of corned beef and banana actually made my day. There also goes the two processions, one from the Roman Catholic Church (which is always bonggacious) and the other from the Aglipayan Church (which is always well-attended), wherein I saw my Ninang Challie, my only ninang who i call "ninang". I haven't seen her for almost 3 years, but gawd she's still gorgeous. We managed to wave and smile at each other since she was part of the on-going procession-Flores de Mayo. These processions usually signal the start of Fiesta here in Ballesteros (I still remember how mad I am when I was just crowned 2nd princess in our Flores de Mayo. You can't blame me, I'm only 5 then. But luck came, and I was later crowed the queen and won the title Miss Little in our Town, year 94 yata yun haha.)

During this day, I am slowly feeling disheartened. I find my monthly cramps the culprit and also my headache, but I think I have to stop putting my blame on them with because they hit me regularly...

Don't get me wrong but I am so enjoying my stay here. I love my room, which is my sanctuary, and this is what I miss the most whenever I take my vacation; my high-pressure shower and tub which never fails to rejuvenate me at the end of the day. Pero ewan. Ang lungkot. Kasi naman iniwan akong mag-isa. Oh well. Lagi naman akong tine-take advantage! Hmp. Pero ok lang, bibilhan na naman ako ng vidcam for vidprod! haha.

I heard my folks and sibs had a great time last night, and all my relatives too. They had a small get together party for the 3rd year death anniv of my Uncle. In Chinese, 3rd year Anniv kind of means that you're no longer in grief, you can now wear happy colors, something like that. Last night, everyone's wearing red daw according to my mom. Typical Chinese. They had lunch at the temple, and dinner at night. Sarap daw ng foods, catered by Edwin. Alyanna's so sweet, she was looking for me pa. Hay sana I was there.

Anyway, enough of feeling sad and lonely. I have something to be proud and happy today. Manang Pei San's kids, my cousin in ma's side, graduated valedictorian (nina-- kindergarten) and first honors (chico-- grade 1). Waaah. Im so proud of them. They just migrated to Kuwait, and they adjusted so well, they topped their classes. Ang galing. I'm so proud. They have the Dy's genes! Hehe. Manang Pei San is a pediatrician and a nurse. Galing noh? They really must have gotten their intelligence from their mom's side :)

And just out of boredom I played Adobe Photoshop and I came up with this (see below).

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