when rainy days take over

Oh how i love rainy days. Cup of hot coffee over a pile of handouts, hugging a fluffy pillow while finishing Kinsella's Can You Keep A Secret, random ideas andvisualizations on my birthday... Rainy Days cant get any better. They never bore me.(However, the 2 day-suspension of classes may be a torture, especially if it callsfor make-up classes.)

Oh how 'bout a sidecar trip to Divisoria on a stormy tuesday afternoon? Albeit the oddly-stalwart wind that turns all umbrellas upside down, mom and did not have second thoughts in going to Divisoria to buy some crafsty materials. The sad (?)part is that we went home in less than a minute after reaching Divisoria. What a waste of money! We ended up doing some groceries and cooking a yummy cream of mushroom soup.

And regarding that Intreco subject i want to ditch, well (fingers-crossed) i hopei did well on our previous exam. I'd rather die than fail it. I discussed myanswers with Joy, and strangely, our answers did matched for the first time. This calls for a celebration. Hehe. Just joking. I spent my entire gloomy weekend and another 2 rainy days in reviewing for this subject.

Rainy days, when will you take over again? If you'll do it, just do it now (and reserve some in our majors' just in case it gets too stressful that we needa rainyday-classes-suspended-kind-of-breaks) I dont drink coffee if it's not raining. We dont cook mushroom soup when the sun is at its peak... So go ahead and take over our classes... But,warn the Deped and Pagasa so they wont suspend the class halfway...

hahay... i'm so tired and sleepy. SLA Commissioning ended at 8, went home at 8:30... another workshop for gmg tomorrow at 9, an intreco conference at 1, and a filipi2 paperSSS due next week. and im waiting for our ym to download. hahay

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