random blahs and rants

* this is a hell week.

* but thank God i'm done with it.

* i hate pldt to death! i slept at my cousin's house, used their internet, and slept at 2:30 in the morning.

* i love cheesecake etc's choco dome cake!

* mary is the best! thank you for the old spag treat! happy 18th birthday!

* mom is already here! pre debut preparation on the go!

* the communication department is giving all of communication majors a big crap! come on miss diaz and sir doy, defend the rights of those who haven't taken litera1 and engltri

* i'm loving miss dina roma and literature! though she's not-that like miss sangil, i still like her

* my cousin, regine, and i are planning to change our eye colors a week or two from now

* reg and i will go to laoag tonight! this calls for an ultimate bonding session

* siomai are eaten best when shared with someone

* position paper, like that we had in filipi2, are accomplished well if done with a good friend---kaymee, and an ambush interview cum lecture from an expert professor--- miss krainz (thanks to "coincidence" for letting us meet miss krainz at the library, instant position paper outline! love you much)

* first time jeepney rides are fun, especially when you're alone

* threading hurts like hell but it feels good. haha weird!

* thank you auntie yollie for the trip to laoag... owe you a lot!

* this week may seem like a topsyturvy... but damn it's great after knowing that you're through and done with it! and especially if you know you'll be having a 3-day vacation!

* so... thank you for stopping by! God bless us all!

* pahabol: ipagdiriwang nanaman natin ang pambansang araw ng kasarinlan/kalayaan. ang tanong... nagagamit ba natin ang kasarinlang ito? bwahahaha

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