The entire week for me was a blast! It may be too tiring, going to school everyday at 7 in the morning, but it's fun. You get to bond with new people, share thoughts, and life experiences. I really do wanna push myself to go to GMG prods but I'm really shy to work with people I still don't know. And with Toni asking me to do the video thing, it freaked me out. Toni ended up doing it herself. I was kind-a embarrassed because I didnt get some of her instructions and her cues. Oh well. That's part of everything. I have to learn that this term!

And speaking of this brand new term, I'm excited in my new sched! It's less stressful. But this time, I would like to thank the Yearbook Committee for sharing with me your last year's summer. Summer is supposed to be fun, but because we have to work, it became stressful. So now, we have the fruit of our labor! Mise En Scene Yearbook... here we come! (I already so the dummy copy!) I do hope that my dear batchmates would appreciate our efforts. The team worked the entire summer, and my very first term break was also taken away from me because of this yearbook.

Now let's talk of my weekend. It's the best. I swear. In my entire life, I haven't had a SUPERB overnight stay in a hotel with close friends. But i experienced it with the bonosoc! Kim's debut was so great. The venue,coordination... everything! Kim is so so beautiful that night! I cant stop my tears from rolling down my cheeks (shucks my make up! haha!) when her bestfriends and her parents did their speeches. Kaymee's telling me to stop crying and she couldnt imagine me on my birthday, crying all night. What more on that big day? Wala lang. I'm really emotional. Ang babaw ng luha. I really had a blast, and I guess everyone did!

Yesterday, I went to CKSC to see the dummy copy of the yearbook, and to drop by Mrs. Cases and lend her my Literature notes and papers. We talked for about 2 hours. We talked about everything and anything you could think of. But the most memorable part of our conversation was that topic about my Dad. He's lucky because a lot of people pray for him everyday. And I thank Ninang Del for always including my Dad's name and our family in the mass' intentions. And also my friends, for their sound advice/s. And to Kuya Ric, who always makes me feel better, and to Miss Lou, thank you for your prayers! Thank you very much.

My week was just great. From Kim's debut party to my chit chat with Ninang Del... cant ask for more. God really pours so many blessings, people to love and to care about... but sometimes... he gives trials to try us hehe

How was your week?

Belated Happy Mother's Day to all our mommas! We love yah much!

...God puts us in the darkness to show us that Jesus is in the light...

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jeniperr said...

Buti ka pa! My summer's super boring. Hindi productive. Hahaha. See you sa batch party!