summer lovin

After the grueling finals week, it's now time to rest and catch up some sleep! I did not actually rest this whole day because i had an u.b.e. with mary, joy, kaymee and dhi! The whole day was spent walking around glorietta, some shopping, and a lot of eating! Cheesecakes are definitely the best, expecially if you're given the chance to avail a 20% discount!

Yes this is a hell week for all the Lasallians. I just submitted my Litera paper last Monday and I bet all students of Miss Frances Sangil worked really really hard for this. The final exam on Introso was not that bad, ut because our proctor was late, many of us didnt finish the word search part! Genpsyc's exam was nevertheless an average-type of exam. A typical Sir Galang type of exam, I must say. And for our PE, our group (Joanne, Sara, Nica, Jill, Mae, Pat, Kaymee and I) garnered the first place hehehe. Maybe our charming and stunning smiles mad us won hehehe! What made my week bad is my grade in Inersci Lab. Oh well. That's fine, it's only a one-unit course.

I can now see my mom packing all the groceries and clothes we'll be bringing to Cagayan! I'm excited to go home. Sleep in my own room and leave the feeling of nostalgia. I'll be in the homiest home on Friday! A friend of mine lent me several books which I'll be reading for summer. I hope the books are really great for summer read! Yehey! Now I can feel the summer heat!!!

Summer lovin' had me a blast! Summer lovin' happened so fast!

Have a great summer vacation everyone!!!

God bless us all!!!

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