Feels like heaven

The cheerful sound of birds chirping. The clean and crisp scent of the breeze that fills the room. The rays of the sun that kiss my cheek. The soft and comfy feel of the blanket... The hushes of the leaves blown by the wind... A warm and cozy home... All of these... releases me from the stress and anxiety that college life brings. Soothing and relaxing. Unwinding in your own sanctuary feels a lot like heaven. always reminds me of a beautiful life far from what one has yet to dream. A simple life that has to be well-lived.

So how's everybody??? Hope you're all having a hell lot of fun this summah!!!

Awww. I missed Kim's invitation for her debut. Bet it's not just an artsy-craftsy king of invite, si Kim pa! :D Heard Kim distributed it last Monday.

April 17 was course card day. Thank God. The Good Lord answered my prayers again. After computing all my grades (of course I'd like to thank Kaymee, Toni, and Niko for texting my grades), I was about to hug our saleslady at our store. I made it to the 1st honors Dean's List. Hahay, Ms. Teo, maraming salamat kahit pinasama mo ang loob ko at binigyan mo ako ng 2.5 sa subject na di ko alam kung magagamit ko sa buhay ko (sige nga, maisasabuhay ko ba ang mga pinag-aralan natin sa mga uri ng bato? Pagpumunta ba ako ng beach kailangan ko pang i-identify kung anong bato ung nasa buhangin???) O siya, tama na sa pagtataray. At least, ngayon lubos ko pang minahal ang Diyosa ng Literatura na si Ms. Sangil dahil sa grade na binigay niya! Hail to the eye of heaven! Knowing that all my efforts are worth it, truly feels like heaven.

I thought my whole summer vacation would just be a waste. But to my horror, the beauty pageant coordinator of our town went to our house, and asked me to be one of the two hosts for the Ms. Ballesteros 2006 (our town's name). Since they were eyeing me a year ago pa, I cant put them down na. My prom dress last year doesnt fit me already, so i have to look for a new one. And that's my purpose why I'm back here in Manila. I just bought a dress earlier, it's matte gold and burgundy. Quite simple. Nothing fancy. Too bad the gown I borrowed from Monnette wont fit me also. Yeah I'm fatter now. 100% fatter. [If my cousin, Ahia Jethro, would read this post, he'll be making fun of me and say "Mas maganda ka nga pag malaman ka eh" just to make me feel better] Well, just mere seeing my old pictures during our prom last year tells me that I'm bigger, and fatter now. The tube top of my F's gown is too tight, but the skirt is perfect. I hope it'll fit me next week. I'm dieting now as in todo diet. Good luck Jackie!

We went to Saud Beach, Pagudpud last Good Friday. But my mom did not allow me to swim. Hahay KJ. My dad's Double KJ. He did not go with us. But oh well, that's fine. The place is damn nice! A heaven here on earth. I should have took a dip on the clear blue water.

Speaking of debut, my aunt called me last night. She had the function room of the Robinsons Tower reserved for my 18th birthday. According to my aunt, the function room is beside a pool! It was also the same room where Alyanna had her baptismal party. Sana everything would work out well on my birthday. Sa bagay, it's still months away.

I'll go back to Cagayan on Sunday... Hopefully I'm thinner by then. Wish me luck!

Have a happy summahhhh everyone!!!


jeniperr said...

Bakit naman hindi ka pinaswimming? KJ naman.. HEhehe.

Ako rin F, lalung tumaba. :( Buhay baboy kasi dito eh. Super boring.

Uy, I made it to the Dean's List din!! hehehe. Super happy talaga. :D 3.075 nga lang ang GPA, sabit!!

More of those in my blog. :D


Missed you F!

Jacqueline said...

hi jenn!!!!!!!!!!!!! congratsssssss naks! ok lang yan, ano man gpa mo, at least all your hard works paid off diba hehehhhe :D

miss you toO!

monica said...

F!!!! miss na kita!

Jacqueline said...

hi F! miss na rin kita!!!!!!! grabe..............