kitsch, campy and everything in between

".. im proud of you. just trying your best is already worth all our sacrifices.." - dad

What I can only give you, mom and dad, is just a piece of paper that certifies that all my hardwork in studying have paid off. But what you give me, is everything, everything that I have right now. Every single thing that I do, is for the both of you...

Good thing I joined our Inersci Subic Outing last Sunday. It was super fun! (And the fact that we're not be having finals... double the fun!) Yes, I did get intimidated with those gals in the other section, wearing skimpy bikinies and yeah, yeah, they have great bods to show! So while Toni, Yan Yan, and Mark were having fun under the sun and soaking up in the clear calm water of Camayan Beach, there I was, watching over their bags and making an outline for my Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah paper. Many thanks monthly period. Many thanks. YOU DID NOT SPOIL my trip!!! I repeat, YOU DID NOT SPOIL my trip. Okay, enough with that. Things come when you least expect them. (I'll be uploading our 40 something pictures in my multiply this weekend!)

Thank God I'm almost done with my Litera Term Paper. I only have to conceptualize my conclusion. After this term paper, I should be doing my Genpsyc Novel Analysis.Yesterday, after class, I met up with my mom at Robinson's because I need a pair of rubbershoes and jeans badly. Yeyness. Mom bought me my first pair of pink chuck taylor! And, I almost forgot, I received this prank call from my alleged-guardian angel. One word to describe. Freaky. We shared some ghost stories last UBREAK, but unfortunately, because of Wey, Cuyeg, and Nico, all supposedly horrific stories turned comedy. Thanks guys. hehe

Litera Class is always always fun. We again had a new level of higher learning from the eye of heaven a.k.a. Miss Sangil. So... what's with the words campy and kitsch?

According to the eye of heaven, Campy, is the fake-fake, not the original-fake. Whatever she meant by that, I dont want to reiterate because I dont understand it! Haha. Anyway, she gave an example. The movie "Darna" is original, the movie "Super B" (Rufa Mae Quinto) is the original-fake, the musical Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah is campy, the fake-fake.

On the other hand, the word kitsch is almost synonymous with jologs (only, those who arent kitsch pronounce jologs j-logs). Examples of kitsch are the use of imitation LV bags, displaying wedding souvenirs, those "nodding" dogs (display) in the taxis. I did have my own taste of kitsch-yness earlier while I was inside the LRT. The cellphone of this lady was ringing, the ringtone?! "Dao Ming Zi... Dao Ming Zi..." So, was that kitsch? hehe.

Go and discover some kitsch!

God bless us all!

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