Not a bad week afterall

To the most influential woman in my life
To the woman whom I have first learned how to love and the value of love
To the woman who helped the Heavenly Father in giving me the breath of life
To the woman who's always there for me and my siblings; to cook, and yes, sometimes to clean, when our maid's nowhere to be found... :D

Happy birthday mOm!!!

I love you so much!

Days seem so fast. (yeah. Mom's 47 hehehe) I cant imagine it's Friday once again, time to refresh my memory and keep you updated with tiny bits of my daily life.

After swimming class, Kaymee and I had a nearly traumatic experience in the locker room, a Locker Disaster! Nica, whom we handed over the key of our locker, went home earlier than usual, so she also took home our key. So there we go, panicking (take note: in our bathing suits) and startled. We were afraid to ask for the life guard's help because once they destroy the lock, we'll be accounted for our first minor offense. But we got no choice. We ended up writing a letter of permission to ransack our locker. The lifeguard told us to bring the letter to the DO. Are they silly? What's on their mind? They want Kaymee and I to parade on campus with our bathing suits on? So because of the fear of having a minor offense, Kaymee thought of a plan, with the help of our girls PE mates. Go figure what happened next (Clue: Kaymee has a future in the crime world, she can be put behind the bars someday!).

Moving on, I thought this woulld be the worst Valentine Day in my life. I was wrong! My ahia (eldest brother) went home with a long-stem yellow rose at his hand, and a blackforest cake on the other! He really know how to make me happy! So while watching Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition (Go Zanjoe!), we took huge bites of the scrumptious cake!

Moving on again, Dhi, Kaymee, Joy, Mary and I planned some sort of budget plan because we often end up going home empty-handed. We would pursue this plan of eating lunch at Dhi's dorm, each one bringing either a viand or drink; Dhi's job is to cook rice! And then, at least once a week, we would reward ourselves with yummy desserts or a tasty breakfast at Mcdo. I'm also keeping an eye over the weight loss program which was shown in EWTN, called as Light Weigh. I hope I'll be able to have a copy soon!

This week turned out to be a great one, despite our report in Filipi1 (in which we're triggered with hard-to-answer- questions by one of the groups, what the--!). Part of it was that I finally had the chance to hear again Fr. Mon's and Fr. Rudsen's (He's a good-looking!) inspiring homily, in the 12:10 and 5:30 mass a while ago. I am always moved with their homilies. I also did quite a good job in my Litera1 midterm exam; the results was handed over to us earlier, and I'm so happy with it. I told my mom it's my birthday gift to her! :)

Tomorrow will be a busy day. The C2 class will be up to 1 pm and a show at UP theatre follows at 2:45.

I now end this post. Thank you for dropping by!

Don't forget to thank God for His bounteous blessings!!! God bless!!! Have a great weekend everyone!

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