love is in the air

February--- a month most awaited by lovey-dovies who want to show to the world their love for each other. Every corner, after blinking an eye, there's red or pink roses here, a heart-shaped balloon there, and sometimes, if you're a lucky one, a box of red ribbon blackforest cake waiting to be spooned-off. Sometimes, rather than feeling love and affection, those singled-out just seem to get contented with the suppressing feeling of melancholy. Shucks, is this part of the bitterness I share with the singles? (Jill? Sara?)

Enough with bitterness.

I guess this love-month is not only made for couples (for heaven's sake!)! I deem it's more of showing your love and care to those people who have touched your life, those people who have loved you and accepted the fact that you are who you are, that despite the rudeness you might have shown to them, these people are still there, willing to give you a piece of themselves. Thank God, these people still exists.

Some of us may end up not having a stem of rose, or a sweet-senti card; but believe me, the feeling is greater if you just put the word "love" into action. In the end, it's the best thing to love, even if you're not loved in return.

"...there are in the end three things that last: faith, hope, and love; and the greatest of these is LOVE..."


**To my F Monica, I'm so happy you finally found HIM. As what I have told you, Nic's indeed heaven sent! I will always always pray for your relationship! Hope we'll see each other soon (with Monnette too) when Memoirs premieres... Monnette!!! Sama kayo ni Royce ah... Miss you much!!!

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