I just came into a realization that I'm only left with few hours of rest in a week, and that's Sunday.

See, I'm at school from Mondays to Fridays (MWF 8:10-3:30, T 8:10-5, Th 11:20-2:30) which when added and estimated, makes a 33 hour stay in campus; and I might forget Saturdays, a 6-hour or 8-hour stay (not sure) at Barangay Tagumpay for our NSTP. Here comes Sunday, time for devotion, time for myself and time for my family. I usually hear mass with my mom, at around 9 in the morning, end at 10, and the remaining time of the day, is all mine.

So it's Sunday today. "How was it?" you might wanna ask. Well, it's great. I woke up even before my alarm clock rang, 7:30 I guess. I was way too early for the mass so I decided to sit in the couch and hmmm daydream for awhile. The priest's homily was about the three Kings, who offered to Jesus the things they only had, and how they spread the good news into their own towns; their experience of witnessing the birth of the Messiah born under the Virgin Mary. I think what the priest wanted to imply was that we should somehow, in any way, take part in spreading the good news (and I wish I'm on the right track now.. :)

My bro also drove us to Rockwell (shucks, life couldnt be better with our very own transpo, which we only take advantage of when my dad is here in manila). We had lunch at Tokyo Tokyo, and later devoured on the luscious Caramello Ice Cream of F.I.C.

Still, I do have my remaining precious gift of time to myself, which am consuming on blogging right now.

I'd like to share to you how I enjoyed my Saturday pigging out with my Bonosoc family. We binged at The Old Spaghetti House (near Jaja, Sara, and Jill's dorm-- yes Jillie's now a dormie! heehee). Though I still owe Lauren for the meal yesterday, the food's totally great, especially the dessert. Too bad, Cuyeg and Kim are having their diet (which I also need to do!). That dessert, choco chip cookie topped with chocolate ice cream- hot and cold in a sizzling plate, is now my number 2 in my favorite desserts list (of course my number 1 is still, the Thunder From Down Under Cake from Outback). Yey, Saturday is really a reunion for the Bonosoc, and for the LR 19 block.

And oh, I almost forgot. There are now only four of us in the BonoSoc who are unattached (you know what I mean). Huey, Singles for Christ, eh? Nice one from Wey. My collegues, namely Sara, Jill, and Lau, we must savour being single! Though we do get envy on their kilig moments (Ale's, Jaja's, Cor's, Kim's), we'll also have our dream guy that'll love us for the rest of our lives! Bitter? Nah... Just got that from Jill! hahaha. Shucks, the one that Jino, Nico, and Christian (did I get the name right?) are the most kilig and melting scenes I've ever seen!

And right at this very moment, I've got my senses revived! I didn't know drinking a hot cup of green tea can be so refreshing and relaxing while re-reading the chapter 1 of my Sociology book. Wow. It's a totally different feeling, try it for yourself! My senses came to life! Really! Now, what I have to do is to research on the green tea's slimming properties! I have to trim down. I repeat, I have to trim down... Or else I'll end up shopping with dozens of jeans.

I think this is quite a long post already. Thanks for dropping by.
Start the week right and you'll end it full of light!

God bless us all!

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