New Year. New Hopes. New Goals.

Happy New Year Everyone!

It's a fresh start for all of us! Time to keep up to your resolutions, if you have one. Time to pull out a clean slate; put the past behind, focus on the present, for the future will bring problems of its own.
Last Wednesday, was the start of our third term. I must admit that I'm really really excited to meet my new professors and new classmates as well. I also felt extremely nervous because I still do not know that time if I have someone to be with (whom I know) in all my subjects and scheds. Fortunately, I did have companions!!! God is so good, He never let me be alone.
I met my MWF profs. Ms. Atienza for Englitri, Mr. Galang for Genpsyc, Ms. Go for Introso, and the eye-of-heaven Ms. Sangil for Litera1. Yesterday, I met my TH profs, Ms. Natividad for Inersci, and Ms. Mangonon-Punsalang for Filipi1. Here are my first impressions on them. hmmm... first impressions last, ayt?

Ms. Atienza looks very young, and she's a good dresser too! We were required to ask her one question, after introducing ourselves. The question I asked was that how long has she been teaching in La Salle. That's a boring one, I know. I should have asked her where she got that brown poncho top she was wearing that day. It's pretty cool. In this sched, I'm with Kaymee, Dhi, Mary, Joy, and Arianne!
Mr. Galang looks like a student, a serious one though. According to Kevin Navea, he looks like Jesus Christ... hmmm. I think I'll enjoy his class because he doesn't seem to be boring, for me. I'm with Toni and Kevin (I think I just mentioned him).
Ms. Go is more of a mother-figure. Reminds me of Mrs. Jueves, my THE teaher when I was in first year high school. She's really really nice, like a mom. I hope she'll not give us pamatay quizzes! I'm with my close friend Rachael Trajano, and Niko Batallones.

Ms. Sangil... eye-of-heaven... she's simply a goddess for me... two thumbs up. I'm with Sars, Sudoy, Les, Kizia, Kevin, D, Jason, Dhi, and my friend from CKSC, Kembell Lentejas.
Ms. Natividad is a simple lady. She doesnt seem to have pretenses whatsoever. Rachael told me she gives high grades!!! Wooow, and we even have a field trip either in Taal, or in a beach somewhere in Batangas! Double Wooow! Im with Sars and Jino!

Lastly, Ms. Mangonon-Punsalang (another hyphenated woman who's feminist).. a lady who surely loves to talk. She tells a lot of stories, without even batting an eyelash. Exagge but true. I even want to ask her if she still gives off oxygen because I dont think she's breathing while talking! Strange huh... I'm with the BonoSoc (except for Ale.. huhuhu) plus Kaymee, Dhi, and Joy!
Let us start the new term right, set new goals and work on it. We can always achieve everything and anything as long as we'll put our efforts in it, motivate yourselves, ask for God's guidance, and have faith in Him. For sure that formula will do wonders! Trust me. It worked for me.

Probably, that'll be it. We have started discussions on Genspyc, Introso (reading, chapter 1), and also reading for Litera1.

I hope everyone had a good 3-day start! (I had a great one! Thank God!) Have a great weekend, see you tomorrow blockmates !!! God bless us all...

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