A Good Friday the 13th

There are really certain things that can make us happy, without us even knowing it! We sometimes stop for a while, think and smile, and say to ourselves, yes, life couldn't be this good. (Do I sound weird? Hope not. I'm just inspired. Pretty much.)

I can't believe another week is over. Here's a recap of my week! :D

Monday- Engltri lesson had began officially, which means, hello to impromptu speeches. We were called one by one, alphabetically, to answer the question "Who am I?" I took it lightly at first because I was comparing it to Mrs. Cases' "speaking moment". But when Joy was called (her surname is Simpson), my heart started throbbing faster, I became nervous. But then I remembered that I shouldnt feel jittery at all! I have been through 4 or 6 rounds of that during high school. So when I was called, I decided not to talk about what I love or what I hate (which almost everyone had talked about); instead, I talked about my name, and what it's supposed to be (my mom wanted to name me Therese because I was born on the Feast of St. Therese 10-01), instead, I talked about my being Filipino-Chinese, the culture and tradition, and why I hate the term "Intsik". Introso and Litera1 really kills my hand. Too many notes! But that's where all my learning comes from-- trusty notes! And oh, I went home with my left eye killing me. When I arrived home, I removed my contact lenses, turns out, the left lens has a hole near the center.

Tuesday- Gazing at the stars at night calms me up, so when I learned from my Lab teacher, Ms. Jacqueline Teo (we have same name!) that we'll be having several sessions of star gazing, I cant help but get carried away. Galaxy! Stars! Here I come! We had our orientation in our P.E. Swimming class. Ms. Mascardo seems to be kind and understanding. I hope that impression would last until the end of the term. I really want to learn how to swim. AND! When I do, I promise to do it more often, exercise, and lose weight.

Wednesday- I joined the whole Student Lasallian Animators (SLA) a.k.a. LSPO VOlunteers, on their, or should I say, on our first General Assembly of the year. If there's one thing I have learned from LSPO since I started last year, it was the real essence of Volunteerism, giving service which comes from the heart. It was Ate Gina's birthday! We had a little salu-salo at the office, chocolate ice cream, bihon, sandwich, and cellos courtesy of Ate Gina! Friendship is really put into test when it's hindered by time and distance. Yet, when I coincidentally saw my F Monica at Soler St., I believe there's a time to catch up for everything. And I hope we could set a schedule for us to meet!

Thursday- Don't you just get annoyed and irritated when during a class discussion, you hear murmurs, not actually murmurs but guys' huge manly voice, laughing and telling endless tales as if there's no tomorrow?! I hate it. I loathe it. (I'm imagining Malia's irritated face right now *giggles*) So if you ask me what did I do to stop those guys from being too noisy, I just got the attention of Ms. Fritzie (FIlipi1 prof) and told her and the guys... "Maaari ko po bang paki-usapan ang aking mga kamag-aral na panatilihin ang pangkalahatang katahimikan habang ginaganap ang talakayan?" Well, I thought and conceptualized those words for around 3 minutes before hitting it. It worked for the first 15 to 20 minutes, but its effect did not last. Those guys don't seem to care.

Friday- Some believes that Friday the 13th will be a day full of bad luck. Not for me! We had the presentation of our Infommerial in Engltri, Mary's group had the best performance! Genpsyc didnt get boring this time because of the "Brain discussion", I saw the human brain, left side only though. it looked like a jampacked isaw :D!Today is the Feast of St. Jean Baptiste de La Salle. After attending the novena mass, I had lunch with Kuya Joffel, Kuya Dom, DOn, Achie Erine, Ate Gina, Kuya Andy, and Tita Amy at Java Cafe. My plate filled with bake mac nearly fell under the table, siyempre ano pa bang gagawin ni jackie kundi ang tumili. After the lunch we all searched for perfume spray because the smell of Java Cafe stuck to our clothes. Ms. Lou also texted me; she got me a datebook and was asking me to get it frontdesk of her condo. I guess she knows that I'm quite disorganized hehehe. Don accompanied me to Ms. Lou's condo while sharing our fondest childhood memories. Ate Gina also helped us practice the Gospel Songs for Sunday, the mass For The Kids. I met four new friends today, Athalea, Anne, Jo, and Japs! And oh, I found a great sister, Achie Erine :D

Have a great weekend! God be with us all!


jeniperr said...

Buti ka pa okay ang week! Hahaha. Ako hindi. Hindi na ako masyadong motivated mag-aral unlike last term. Ewan ko ba. :(


Ayoko rin na tinatawag ang Chinese na "intsik". Ewan ko ba, nakakairita eh. Hehehe.

Sa GENPSYC namin may ganyang mga lalake rin, nainis na ng ayung prof eh. Halos sa lahat ng subject may maingay, kakainis. Kasi gusto mong makinig pero nakakadistract yung mga boses nila. >(

Hahaha. Miss u na Jackieeeeeee!

Jacqueline said...

parang nakakadegrade kasi pagtinatawag na intsik.

nakakairita kasi mga boses lalo pag mga lalaking nagtatawanan,

ui jen... sabay tayo next term. gusto mo sabay mag rels2? o mag kaspil2? hehehhe

jeniperr said...

oo nga eh! iba kasi ang dating kung intsik ang tawag. hehehe.

ang lalaki kasi ng boses nila, kahit nagbubulungan naririnig mo. sa genpsyc nga tumatawa yung ibang lalaki pag... sa ym nlng. :D

cge, tignan ko yung flowchart ko kung anu subjects ko next term. :d

miss u F!!