God's Miracles

Here's a short recap... Notice the *highlight of my day yesterday nov. 4 and today*

Nov. 3
Artsche class was cut short because of the number of absentees. We spent our Engl2 Class at the library for our research paper. And guess what, I was able to borrow books for the first time in DLSU Library! Intphil, We're 10 minutes late, but nonetheless we still entered the class. Clarence had a solo report :) job well done clarence *applause

Nov. 4
The BIG day. We're going to visit Ms. FFC. I met up with Winnie at tutuban primeblock mall at around 9:30 am, then we headed at the "sakayan ng jeep" (hmmm kanta un ah). We arrived at Ma'am FFC's place at around 10 in the morning. I was the one who knocked at their gate, with a shaking and thrilly voice, I asked the man if Ma'am was there. Whew... winnie and I were overjoyed!!! We thought that they wouldnt let us in, but aha! We're sooo lucky... We had a 2-hour conversation. We talked about anything and everything... Ma'am would always inject to our conversation the "miracle tea" she's drinking.

Speaking of miracles, it's fantabulous to know how God creates magic... miracles... God answered Ms. FFC's prayer.

Winnie handed over a book entitled "Recovery" to ma'am. To our surprise, ma'am was smiling from ears to ears. Her prayer was answered. It was months ago when she asked God for a sign; if someone will give her a book, it would mean that she'll be having a continuous recovery. With the hair on my arms rising, I said to myself, God really is Great.

To top it all off, I enjoyed the day I spent with Winnie and Ms. FFC. To winnie, thank you for the company.. I wouldnt have gone without you! :) Thanks uber. I will always pray for Ms. FFC's speedy recovery.

I woke up pretty early, around 6 I guess. I am to meet my soon-to-be ninang, Mrs. Adela Cases at CKSC. She'll be attending the parent-sponsor recollection for my Kumpil. I thought I was too early so I sat in the waiting room (I miss doing this, especially after Physics tutor, I'll sit on the waiting room while waiting for my mom). But few seconds later, Mrs. Cases went out at the main gate. We had breakfast together at Jollibee. We talked about Ms. FFC, how faith works its magic and a handful of things..

Together with my mom, We took the LRT and headed to DLSU. Mrs. Cases met her old students inside the campus. And she told me that what she loves the most about being a teacher is seeing her old students again and just reminisce everythng... We then parted ways, my mom and Mrs. Cases at the CBE room, and me at L'Hermitage.

Highlight of the day, which I also consider as God's Miracle: I had my very first confession... oops. the rest is private. (to f, i did shed a tear!)

* Thank you to my mom, ninang del (nyahaha), and to Ms. Krainz.... I'm so so so glad you are all there for me. Especially to Ms. Krainz (hmm I know she'll not be able to read this), many thanks to you... I wouldnt have done "it" without you...

Aleigna Ale... Thank you for the friendship.. ang senti ba hehehhe... I enjoyed our seminars and also our retreat because of you... hahahahha thanks sa bonding moments!

That's all for now... May God bless us all..

Last Song Syndrome LSS
"If there's one more gift, I'd ask of you Lord, it would be peace..."

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