pre-confirmation jitters

Everyone knows that I came from a non-sectarian high school, no religion classes whatsoever; which means I have not yet received the Sacrament of Confirmation, Confession, and Communion.. hmmm 3 C's.

I've been attending pre-confirmation seminars this past u-breaks in preparation for our COnfirmation Rite on November. And I must say, I'm enjoying every minute of it. I'm learning a lot of things from our lecturer, Ms. Lou Krainz.(she's supposedly our block's relsone teacher last term) . She's intimidating at first since she speaks English very well but when she lectures, you'll be amazed. You really have to listen to every word that she say because you're really dead when she stops in front of you and asks a question! (right niko?) I just added Ms. Krainz in my "idol" list :)

Last week after the seminar, I approached Ms. Krainz and told her my dilemma that I havent received the sacrament of Confession and Communion... She told me that she'll help me out and she'll give me lecture notes (she's one of the nicest person I've met on earth).. A while ago, after the seminar, Ms. Aimee, our facilitator, checked the information we have given to her during the first session. She asked me, and another confirmant to stay. I felt nervous because I know she would talk to me about the communion and confession matters. So I just shrugged my shoulders off. Ms. Krainz, who was then seated at my back, tapped my shoulder and told me that it'll be fine and I dont have to be nervous...

whew.. i hope it'll be just fine... I'm actually excited to be confirmed :)

i just blogged before doing our Intphil Report... Yey another boring topic in this boring subject...

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