time flies too fast...

i cant believe it's friday again...

it was like hours ago when our team won the volleyball during our p.e., minutes ago when we produced a gooey flubber in our lab. class, seconds ago when I attended Ms. Krainz's lecture which motivated and encouraged me to become a better Christian, and milliseconds ago when I received the results of my Algeb exam and went shopping with my mom...

gee time really flies too fast... in a few weeks, it'll be Christmas! It's my favorite time of the year because I get to attend Simbang Gabi in my hometown, spend time with my family, and prepare our Noche Buena...

enough with my "Christmas" excitement...

back to reality...

tomorrow I'll be in school again for our Make Up class in Intstudi. Mr. Marasigan assigned us to read 3 chapters yesterday, but then he only discussed half of a chapter a while ago.. hmp! anyways...sayang I wasnt able to go with the "gang" a while ago. they watched a flick at g4...

take care guys... enjoy our "mini" sembreak :)

pre-confirmation jitters

Everyone knows that I came from a non-sectarian high school, no religion classes whatsoever; which means I have not yet received the Sacrament of Confirmation, Confession, and Communion.. hmmm 3 C's.

I've been attending pre-confirmation seminars this past u-breaks in preparation for our COnfirmation Rite on November. And I must say, I'm enjoying every minute of it. I'm learning a lot of things from our lecturer, Ms. Lou Krainz.(she's supposedly our block's relsone teacher last term) . She's intimidating at first since she speaks English very well but when she lectures, you'll be amazed. You really have to listen to every word that she say because you're really dead when she stops in front of you and asks a question! (right niko?) I just added Ms. Krainz in my "idol" list :)

Last week after the seminar, I approached Ms. Krainz and told her my dilemma that I havent received the sacrament of Confession and Communion... She told me that she'll help me out and she'll give me lecture notes (she's one of the nicest person I've met on earth).. A while ago, after the seminar, Ms. Aimee, our facilitator, checked the information we have given to her during the first session. She asked me, and another confirmant to stay. I felt nervous because I know she would talk to me about the communion and confession matters. So I just shrugged my shoulders off. Ms. Krainz, who was then seated at my back, tapped my shoulder and told me that it'll be fine and I dont have to be nervous...

whew.. i hope it'll be just fine... I'm actually excited to be confirmed :)

i just blogged before doing our Intphil Report... Yey another boring topic in this boring subject...

star struck

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hay... howi wish i could be like her... someday...

In search-- saliksik recollection

One thing I can say, despite what had happened yesterday, I enjoyed our Saliksik. I have learned a lot from our moderator, Ms. Jeane. The game served as an outlet for the block to blurt what they felt. But this I wanna tell everyone, this is the best section I've ever had in my entire life. I swear. I have the best blockmates. Though we have differences, I know we'll be able to work it out. We just have to keep in mind that we cannot please anybody... we cannot make everyone love us, but we can love ourselves the way nobody else can-- a lesson I've learned from high school.

-cant think of a title-

I have never been to a VTR. And I dont like the idea either. But since my dear niece is the one who'll be go-seeing, it's fine with me.

A lot of kids lined up and waited for their turn. When it was alyanna's turn, I swear I was so excited. I even went inside the VTR room with achie jen (alyanna's mom) just to witness the whole thing.

They have a video cam connected to a TV so that the talent manager would see how the child projects. But Alyanna is too wise, she knows that the she can see herself on the TV, kaya ayun nagfocus sa TV. But she was able to smile naman and her projection was so cute. I think the commercial is for a fastfood advertisement. I hope she could get in kasi hindi naman sa panlalait, si alyanna pinakamaganda dun! hmp! proud ninang!

After the VTR, we sent alyanna to her school, sa ETON (international school sa robinson's manila) . Shw woke up early yesterday kasi excited daw siya mag school. Inside the classroom, she's really participating. And when I my cousin and I left her at the classroom, she did not cry. I find that school good kasi the teachers are really patient to the children, and may play room pa sila, puro toys, slides, swing. Alyanna dont want to go home, she just stayed at the play room after her class...

I bought myself a birthday present; the two books that I'm really dying to read... Mitch Albom's FIVE PEOPLE YOU MEET IN HEAVEN; and Paulo Coelho's BY THE RIVER PIEDRA I SAT DOWN AND WEPT.

Later that day we went to greenhills and then had our dinner at My Angels Kitchen along Connecticut St.  with my auntie brim and auntie baby. The food was greattttt!!

Last thursday, I dreamt of my favorite teacher Ms. COntreras. Nagkita raw kami sa mall and I cant help but look at her, noong lumapit siya, sabi ko "ma'am gumaganda po kayo and bumabata.." tapos nag smile siya and nakipagkwentuhan. Later did I know na si Ms. Tampus din napanaginipan si Ma'am. Nagbalik daw sa sa CKSC and nagtuturo. I hope both of our dreams implies that Ms. Contreras is really doing well. I miss her so much.. the way she teaches... she's simply the best!


I thought the surprise was over...

Oo, umulan ng regalo ang langit.

Nagbilang anghel ka...

Mr. Makata, Thank you for your surprise/s. I just can't put my thoughts into words. I'm speechless.

Though my parents aren't here to celebrate my birthday with me, my beloved friends and relatives (aunts and cousins) made my birthday complete. Thank you for making me the happiest girl in the universe!!!

Monica and Monnette, thank you for that short, but precious time you've spent with me yesterday. Our meeting was so meaningful to me.

You guys have a special spot here in my heart.

Thank you for making my 17th birthday the best I ever had.


Sa mahigit kumulang limang buwang pagsasama
Bakit ngyaon ko lang IYON nadama?

Salamat at iba ka sa mga lalaking nakilala
Itinuturi mo akong espesyal ngang talaga

Ito lang ang aking mailalathala:
Oo, Lubos ka ring mahalaga
Dahil sa ikalabimpitong taon kong naigitla
Ngayon lang ako nakakilala
Isang lalaking "kakaiba" sa lahat ng "iba"
Hayaan nating ang panahon nawa
Ang gumawa ng kanyang naturang mahika
Para sa ating dal'wa...