pinay big sister!

It's nice to know that there are those people who are very much concerned about me not having any companion in our house (except for our kasambahay, and my ahia who most often than not, arrive at the wee hours of the morning).

Yesterday, Jaja and Sara had an overnight stay in my house. We had a great time, super great time. Some sort of oa PINOY BIG SISTER hehehe LAu, if you're reading this, hahaha yan kasi ayaw mong sumama! :)

When we arrived at my house, we sat in our couch for a while and then we went down for our so called "food trip". We ate fishballs and chickenballs (near SSHS), and then drank this very unique but very delicious gulaman. I would have wanted them to taste the siomai and other dimsum but my companions are dieting! hahaha... Then we watched TV, took shower, and ate dinner! After which Lau called! We kept on passing the phone because we were replying to our text messages that time. After the almost 30-minute conversation, heads down, We studied kaspil in my room together. I'm already very sleepy but the 2 girls are still hyper that they even watched A Walk To Remember.. I can still hear them giggling and laughing while I'm already asleep... When we woke up this morning, we had our pedicure and manicure at the parlor then ate sinigang na baboy for lunch.

So that was it...
I'm home alone again... (with my ate sheryl)

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