dreaded premonition

Yesterday, while on my way home, i passed by an old house. It's like one of the houses in our province--the typical old house, with those sliding huge windows. There I saw a beaming chandelier. All of a sudden , I thought, it was like the lights which can usually be seen in a funeraria-- the lights beside the coffin. I raised my neck to check if there's a wake going on; but there was none. I then imagined that house, same as my auntie herminia's (my mom's older sister), with a wake going on.

When I arrived home, my mom had a sort-of similar situation. A black butterfly was constantly following her, flying around her waist. Our maid was with my mom that time; she told my mom that the butterfly was like a bad omen. She also had in mind that someone's going to die.

Dinner came and everyone's silent. Until we received a call from my cousin Ernest John (my auntie herminia's son). Uncle Poka (his dad) had just passed away. Indeed, those mentioned above were dreaded premonitions.

It has been more than a month since my uncle was diagnosed with cancer. My aunt, who's a very patient and giving woman, took care of my uncle's needs. She would wake up in the middle of the night to check if my uncle's doing fine. One time, my uncle fell on the bed, it was my aunt who brought her up. My aunt is on her 60's, my uncle on my 70's (77 to be exact). They have four children, my achie bola, achie pei san, achie jane, achie grace, and ernest. My mom made it a point that my cousins and us would be close and bonded, regardless of our age; and yes, we're very close.

My aunt and uncle are one heck of a couple. Their marriage lasted for years; really... until death made them part.

Two of my aunts now are now widowed; first my Auntie Brim (with my Uncle Johnny) and now my Auntie Herminia (with my Uncle Poka).

I now ask for your prayers... for the repose of my beloved uncle's soul... He's now in a better place...far from harm... far from struggles...

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