How to Clean Your Tiffany & Co. Jewelry

Hi! Sorry for the lack of posts. I was recovering from a recent minor surgery (will write about this soon) and drafted this entry on my phone after getting bored from listening to audio books. Let's call this a "best practice sharing" post :)

Just a little back story before the how-to part...

I dreamed of having a Tiffany & Co. jewelry when I was a little girl. I remember falling in love with my older cousin's Tiffany bracelet and necklace with her name engraved on them, the pretty little blue boxes with dainty white ribbon. I didn't know how expensive they were... all I knew was that I wanted to have one piece of Tiffany someday.

Fast forward to 2011, just before I completed my master's degree, my dad came to visit me in Taipei. I brought him to Taipei 101, and to the Tiffany & Co. store inside the mall. I told him how I would frequent the store just to admire this particular open-heart necklace from the Elsa Perreti collection. I told him I was saving money for it, but each time I got around to saving enough amount, Cebu Pacific would have a seat sale and I would use that money to book round-trip tickets to the Philippines in advance.

I lived on a monthly stipend before from the government scholarship program and the amount was more than sufficient to cover my tuition, housing, living allowance and little luxuries. However, I cant bring myself to buy the necklace because I cant justify spending my savings- how little it might be- for this piece of jewelry. And so, my dad gave in to his little girl's whim and he bought me my very first Tiffany & Co. necklace. My heart still wishes for someone special to give perhaps the last blue box that I'll ever own, but for now I'll leave that up to the Big Guy in heaven :)

So here's a trick I learned online to help you clean your Tiffany & Co. sterling silver. I used to spend NT$700 (Php 1800) to have them cleaned in Taipei each year. This trick costs only NT$ 100 or less than 100 pesos!

What you'll need:
A bowl
A rectangular piece of foil
Few spoonfuls of baking soda
Boiling water

1. Line your bowl with aluminum foil.
2. Place your sterling silver jewelries on top of the foil.
3. Put in few spoonfuls of baking soda on the jewelries.
4. Pour boiling water over them. Watch slowly as the tarnished jewelries turn into shiny, silver pieces again!
5. Remove the jewelries from the water using tongs. Rinse under cool water and lay flat on a soft cloth. Wipe the pieces to remove the water and lay flat to air-dry completely.

Before and after photo. They look brand new!

El Yu

There was a time a year or two ago when my Instagram feed was filled with photos of La Union- its beautiful sunset, big crashing waves, and all those cool hipster places that lined the beach. I never have thought that I'd find myself in one of those cool hipster places a year or two after.

Thank you, dear colleagues for planning the entire trip from booking bus tickets, finding accommodations to scheduling which restaurants to have brekkie, lunch and din-din. El Yu has turned us into millennial titas who would rather stay at a cafe than watch younger millennials get wasted in Flotsam & Jetsam.

We all badly needed this trip to get away with things. 

Happy weekend everyone!


Oh how lovely it is to just stare at the lush greens and fluffy clouds, take in the fresh smell of pine trees and feel the cool gentle breeze...

I went on a spontaneous trip to Baguio over the weekend. The goal was to unwind and not think about a single thing. Well the unwind part was successful, but not the latter. Things have been super dooper crazy lately but I'm glad I have my "rainbows" after the rain.

Before heading back to the MidEast, my second brother had to fly to Manila from Cagayan to pick up his things. My brothers and I had three days to spend together, such a rare occassion because the two of us have worked overseas for so long.

In this photo, they picked me up from work and we had dinner near my office. Since I cant remember the last time we sat down and had breakfast together, I also made sure to prepare a home-cooked meal for them. It was a nice sight to see my second brother washing dishes after meals, while our eldest wipes the table clean.

Monica's family invited me for Mother's Day dinner since I was all alone in Manila at the time. It was great to catch up and enjoy a fun conversation after a very cruel first week of May. Another friend also dropped by my workplace last week and we had coffee together. Being able to vent everything out to people who are soooo willing to listen is just the best feeling in the world.

I was looking for an instant pick-me-upper for the past days, and my favorite fries and green milk tea never fail to deliver. I had also some free time to quiet down and gather my thoughts recently at a coffee shop. I used to do this a lot in Taipei as can be seen from my posts before. Cafe relaxes me and helps me keep my calm- which I'm afraid I have been losing a lot these days.

June is just around the corner. I hope it'll be good to everyone!